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Digital Press Guidelines

The manner in which the graphic arts community presents its material to a high quality printer can either make or break a project – or make it terribly expensive. With technology evolving at breakneck pace, it is often difficult to know for sure what the most efficient way to submit electronic files to your printer may be. Our goal is to help guide you through the process of preparing your files for printing in a manner that results in improved throughput of your project, reduction in additional charges and superior results.

One of the biggest challenges we face in the printing industry today is the assumption that if a digital file will print to a laser or ink jet printer, the file is ready to be sent to a high quality printer. Unfortunately, transferring files to another computer, printing to another printer, looking at another monitor or simply using equipment other than that used by the designer can have a negative effect on a project if the file is not properly prepared.

Please use the following guidelines to make informed decisions about specific issues related to your digital files. A better-prepared computer file will help ensure a smoother and speedier transition from disk to final product.