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Choose colors from swatch books rather than from your monitor. All monitors display color differently, so the color you see on your monitor will probably not look the same on ours. Remember, you are seeing an RGB rendering of a CMYK color, not the actual color. For best results, pick your colors from swatch books rather than from what you see on your monitor. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is recommended for this purpose.

  • Save all color photos and vector artwork as CMYK if your job is 4-color.
  • Never use RGB, HSL, Trumatch, Toyo, Lab or any other non-standard color models. Use only Pantone and CMYK colors.
  • Let us know what colors are to be generated as spot and what colors will be 4-color process. Also, if the piece will spot varnish, please indicate on your laser the varnish treatments you desire.
  • If you have provided a color laser proof, be aware that the colors it represents may vary widely from the actual printed colors.
  • Limit the number of colors in the color palette to the total number of colors in the document. Delete unused colors before saving and/or exporting- this reduces unnecessary data in the final PostScript file.
  • Make sure colors that are the same are also named the same. PMS 185 is a separate color from Pantone 185 CV, which in turn is separate from Pantone 185 CVC, etc. Unfortunately, the default setting is inconsistent between applications, so it is necessary to manually change the name in the originating application.
  • On a four-color job, printing large black areas as 100% black generally makes a poorlooking and dull black because it will print too light. For a deep, rich black, consider 76% cyan, 50% magenta, 44% yellow, and 98% black. In smaller areas of black, where small type may be reversed out, consider building black as 100% black and 50% cyan.