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Other Tips

Before exporting, please delete all unused items from outside the document layout. This prevents confusion resulting from missing graphics or fonts which are not used in the printed area and reduces errors at the RIP.

Do not use hairline rules! On a 300 dpi, laser printer, hairline rules are clearly visible. However, on high-resolution imagesetters, they are almost invisibly thin. Make your thinnest lines at least .2 points wide and your thinnest dotted rules no less than .4 points wide.


  1. Missing FONTS
  2. Low resolution or missing GRAPHICS
  3. Digital Files DO NOT MATCH client’s supplied LASERS
  4. Characters modified by using the style palette (i.e.; bold or italic) rather than the actual bold or italic font
  5. Spot color gradients in Illustrator will only print in CMYK, changing a two spot color job into six colors. (This is a quirk in Illustrator). Use Freehand or substitute process colors for your spot colors to create the gradient. Remember to indicate this on your lasers
  6. Photos do not fill out picture windows (i.e., a gap is left between the photo and its border)
  7. Book pages set up as one, double-sided page in readers spreads
  8. Inaccurate clipping paths
  9. Line art (logos) saved in 300 dpi grayscale format, rather than 1200 dpi bitmap format
  10. Not enough graphic or scan to meet bleed requirements